Catholic Cross Bearers M/M





Requirements for membership



  • Must be a baptized Catholic Christian who rides a street legal motorcycle or the spouse of a riding member.
  • Obedient to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Catholic Church.
  • Obedient to the Pope and to the Bishops of the Catholic Church.
  • Active in the life of the Catholic Church (regular Mass attendance) ? a letter of verification from prospective members parish priest may be required if officers deem necessary.
  • Dedicated to the mission of the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M and striving to be holy ? set apart for God.
  • Prospective members must complete a probationary period of no less than  90 days. During the probationary period, prospective members cannot vote or run for any office in an election. They may not vote on any ministry business until they are approved for membership.  After probationary period is complete, a review by chapter officers will be conducted. A majority vote is required for membership approval. The application must then be approved by the National Chapters officers. Majority vote is required by National officers.
  • During the probationary period the prospective member must attend all chapter meetings and activities unless excused by chapter president or other designated officer.
  • Prospective members must provide CCBMM with their current phone number, address, email address, parish information, emergency contact information, and any other relevant information as listed on the membership application form. 
  • Applications for membership must be completed by all prospective members and a copy will be kept on file with the chapter secretary as well as with the National Chapter, or with a designee of the chapter/national presidents choosing.




Rules of Membership

  • Members of CCBMM and all prospective  members must attend all ministry meetings and events unless excused by the chapter president or the president?s designee.
  • CCBMM colors/ministry patch must be worn to all meetings and events by members.
  • Upon approval and acceptance into CCBMM, each member must send in a deposit for  one complete set of colors. Colors can only be obtained through the National Chapter. The CCBMM logo/patch is the property of CCBMM. In the event a member leaves the ministry he or she must return the colors/patch to the chapter or national chapter. The price paid for the patches may be returned depending on the condition and ability to reissue the patches. The only exception to this rule is for members who have served the ministry for a period of at least five years. They may keep their patches if they retire from the ministry in good standing.
  • Members of CCBMM must follow the Code of Conduct for Members. This is important as we are representing Christ and His Church. It is the responsibility of the chapter officers to insure that the Code of Conduct is followed. If officers feel that a member is not conducting him or herself as outlined in the code of conduct the chapter officers will issue a verbal reprimand. If continued violations occur, the person may be asked to resign from the ministry. At that time they must surrender their colors.

Code of Conduct for Members

  • It is important that members of CCBMM conduct themselves as holy men and women of God, and as holy members of His Church. This is important at all times but especially when wearing the ministry colors and when attending events.
  • There will be no tolerance of illegal drug use or abuse. Responsible use of alcohol is permissible but drunkenness is not. Christ ate and drank with sinners, and Paul says that a little wine is good for the stomach. However, Scripture also says to remain sober and alert. So, it is expected that members of CCBMM and prospective members conduct themselves in a sober manner, especially while wearing the ministry colors.
  • As representatives of Christ and His Church we should also obey the laws of the land as long as they don?t violate Christ?s laws and the laws of His Church



Chapter Structure and Officer?s Positions


  • The founding chapter of CCBMM is located in Cleveland, Ohio. This chapter will be known as the National Chapter of the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M. It will consist of the following positions: National President, National Vice-President, National Treasurer, National Secretary, and National Sergeant at Arms. In the event these positions cannot be filled in their entirety, the National President will designate the duties among other officers or will assume them himself.
  • The office of National President will be filled by the founding member of CCBMM, Eric A. Wardrum, until such time as he no longer desires to fill this position. At that time, nominations and an election will take place from among the membership to fill this position.
  • All other National Chapter officers? positions will be filled by appointment from the National President. These will be permanent positions until the officer resigns or is relieved of duties by the National President.
  • Chapters may be established by the membership when there is at least three members in the same geographic location who can meet  on a regular basis and function together in this ministry. Members who fulfill this criteria must petition the National President to start a chapter. At that time the National President will put the new chapter up for elections among the membership. A majority vote is required to start a new chapter.
  • New chapters of the CCBMM will have officer positions as follows: President, Vice-President,  Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms. These positions will be elected positions from a majority vote by the chapter membership. All positions will be up for election every two years. Nominations to occur followed by a vote. Majority vote is required. All results must be reported to the National Chapter.
  • For new chapters who don?t have enough members to fulfill all positions, duties will be performed by the chapter president or his/her designee until such time as all officer position can be filled.




 Duties of Chapter Officers


  • THE NATIONAL PRESIDENT:  Duties include the presiding over of the entire ministry and all its members. The national president will preside over all meetings and events of the National Chapter. The National President will also act as a liaison between other clubs. The president?s role is as a representative of Christ and the CCBMM. He must present a model to be followed. The National President will make sure that all ministry rules and regulations are adhered to, and he will set the direction for the ministries activities.
  • THE NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT: Duties include assisting the president with his leadership. Also, the vice president acts as a representative and liaison, presides over events and meetings and assists in making sure all procedures and rules are adhered to. Must be able to function as National President should the National President be unable to perform his duties.
  • THE NATIONAL SECRETARY: Duties include taking the minutes at all chapter meetings as well as being directly responsible for promotion of the ministry?s events. The secretary also should communicate with  and assist all other officers in their duties when needed and maintain all ministry record.
  • THE NATIONAL SERGEANT AT ARMS: Duties include assisting the National President and Vice President with their duties. The Sgt at Arms also makes sure that the ministry rules are adhered to and acts as a liaison and representative in the Church and community.
  • All officers? duties are the same for the individual chapters of CCBMM except that they are to be performed at a local level.

 Chapter Meetings

  • Chapter meetings are to take place two times a month. The meetings should take place in a home until such time as there are too many chapter members for the home. At that time the chapter should find a local Catholic Church for meetings.
  • Meetings should focus on what the chapter has done since the last meeting and what they plan on doing before the next. A record should be kept and copies sent to National on a quarterly basis. It is the duty of the President to set the agenda.

The purpose of these rules and bylaws is not to place a constraint upon members of CCBMM but rather to keep the membership focused on this ministry and its reason for existence. Changes and additions can be made by petitioning the National president who will determine whether a change needs to be made. It will then be voted on by the membership.







                         Amendments to Bylaws


1st Amendment to Bylaws (August 15, 2010)


No one can hold membership in the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. who is currently a member/patchholder in another motorcycle ministry, motorcycle club, riding club, or riding association, especially if these organizations require members to wear colors or back patches that identify them as such. The National Coalition of Motorcyclists Christian Unity and State/Regional Coalitions are exempt as long as they do not require a member to forsake his/her colors. A prospective member must inform the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. of any other motorcycle organization they belong to upon filing an application. Any motorcycle organizations to which the applicant/probationary member belongs to must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the membership voting on a prospective member’s application. If it is deemed that the applicant’s membership in any other motorcycle organization is a conflict of interest to this ministry, the applicant would have to choose between the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. and their membership in another organization.


                  3rd Amendment to the Bylaws

CCBMM Youth Group

 The CCBMM Youth Group is established for those members who have children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews who interested in the ministry of the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. 

Children wishing to be part of the Youth Group must be a relative of a member, and also be in close proximity and regular contact with said member.The member shall be responsible for the youth and see to it that they are brought up in the faith according to the Catholic Church and the Scriptures.

The position of Youth Group National Director will  will be established to head up the Youth Group. This position will be an appointment by the National President with approval by the Board of Directors and the membership  of CCBMM. The Youth Group National Director will remain in this position until resigning or until their services are no longer needed as deemed by the National President and Board of Directors. The Youth Group National Director shall report to the officers of the National Chapter.

It will be the responsibility of the Youth Group National Director to set activities and the direction of the Youth Group.





                       2nd Amendment to Bylaws

International Chapters

  •  Individuals who join the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. (CCBMM), and are from a        country other than the United States, shall be known as CCBMM followed by their country name. For example: CCBMM United Kingdom or CCBMM Canada.
  • International chapters and members must comply with all the bylaws of the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. or they will be asked to surrender their patches and dissolve their affiliation and/or identification as Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc.
  • The structure of international chapters and officer's positions will be the same as that of the National Chapter (Sacred Heart) with officers being known by the country affiliate and the position they hold. For example: President CCBMM UK, Vice-president CCBMM UK, etc.
  • Officers will be required to report to and be subordinate to the Board of Directors/National Officers of CCBMM (Sacred Heart)
  • Colors will be purchased through the National Chapter
  • International chapters may exist in perpetuity as long as the corporation exists unless they are dissolved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc. for reasons of non-compliance to the bylaws or for lack of membership.


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