Catholic Cross Bearers M/M


Frequently Asked Questions    

- Does CCBMM have any chapters in my area?

The Catholic Cross Bearers M/M, Inc is first and foremost a ministry. We are not a riding club or association. We are made up of individual members and do not focus on forming chapters. Our members are missionaries in their areas. Chapters can be formed if there are enough members in a given area who can regularly meet up to do ministry work together.

As a result, there may not be a chapter in your area but one is not necessary to join in the mission of CCBMM.

- Is CCBMM a member  of the Coalition of Clubs?

CCBMM is not a member of the Coalition of Clubs (COC). We are a member  organization of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists Christian Unity (NCOM & NCOM C/U).

- Does CCBMM fly a three piece or 1% patch?

The appearance of our patch is similar but some significant elements are different.
A 1% patch has the name of the club on its top rocker and a territory it claims on the bottom rocker.
CCBMM has its name spread through the bottom and top rocker with no territory claimed.
A 1% patch also has MC on it standing for Motorcycle Club...CCBMM has M/M for motorcycle ministry.