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                                Our Colors

The colors, or logo, for this ministry are chosen with purpose. They are Church or liturgical colors. Purple is the color of repentance....when we come to know Jesus and His saving mercy we are called to repent of our sins. This means to turn from sin and follow the path of righteousness. The white symbolizes our new life in Christ. It symbolizes Christs resurrection from the dead and thus ours.


The cross is the preeminent symbol of Christianity. It is where we find our salvation. For in our humanity, we have all turned from God. We follow our own will and desires which will ultimately lead us to eternal separation from God, which is Hell. But Christ became the sacrifice for our sins by suffering and dying on the cross. It is where we put away the old sinful self and begin a new life in Christ.


On the cross you will find a symbol which is called Chi-Rho. This is an ancient Greek symbol and one of the earliest in the Church. Chi-Rho is the first letters of Christ spelled from the Greek alphabet. On the wings of the cross are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. These are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Thus the symbols on our cross say "Jesus Christ the Beginning and the End." Jesus Christ is our all.....we dedicate our lives to Him through our ministry.


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